Who is the Democratic Nominee Most Certain to Defeat Donald Trump?

4 min readFeb 11, 2020

“In America, “Right Matters”. So testified under oath did Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in expressing his faith that he had no fear of Presidential retaliation against him for telling the truth…even if said truth were harmful to the reputation of his President…a tiny, bitterly insecure, vengeful coward, who in subsequently trying so very unsuccessfully to diminish this decorated war hero, only proved to the world how unfit he is to be a leader of anything other than small groups of social misfits and moral degenerates. And as this deeply disturbed POTUS continues to careen out of control with various new obscenities…like proposing to slash by $800 million dollars the health care of the very people he earlier proposed (actually vowed) to champion, we Americans are finally reaching the point (after an unsuccessful impeachment) of total saturation. As Adam Schiff so profoundly exclaimed very recently to deaf ears, “Enough”. Interesting that those ears are finally beginning to hear.

The only question for the Democrats to answer at this point in Trump’s latest rampage, is: “All things considered, would you kindly mind getting your shit together sufficiently to identify and run a candidate quickly… (well before 9 short months from now)… who will electorally trounce this severely damaged excuse for a person… and his GOP Senatorial enablers and co-conspirators.

Because it is critically important to answer this question correctly…and because you are currently in what can only be described as a state of confusion, I (as a concerned citizen…unburdened such as I am by the pressures and nuances that seem to beleaguer your national leaders), am about to cut through the haze for you and get right to heart of the matter regarding the answer to the only question that matters: “Who is the Democratic Nominee most certain to defeat Donald Trump?”

We begin by process of elimination, starting with the currently most popular:

1. Bernie Sanders is a person of great intellect, honor, creativity, experience…and charm even if it is a bit curmudgeonly in nature. As noted commentator, James Carville, has explained, “Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat. He’s never been a Democrat. He’s an ideologue. And I’ve been clear about this: If Bernie is the nominee, I’ll vote for him. No question. I’ll take an ideological fanatic over a career criminal any day. But he’s not a Democrat.” And for that matter he is a Socialist, and as proud of that description as he is proud of not being a Democrat. And in case any of you have not yet noticed, America is a Capitalistic country, and it is not ready for an avowed Socialist, who with all due respect, does not even have the street smarts of a POS like Trump who would have long ago re positioned himself with a new moniker like “Enlightened Capitalist”. Sometimes being stubbornly pure in thought and deed is kind of stupid and counter-productive…especially when the goal is to GET ELECTED!

2. Elizabeth Sanders is totally “off the charts” smart, organized, dedicated and eminently qualified to lead. But as her recent dip in popularity suggests, her “left-leaning” positions in conjunction with an enthusiasm, which is oxy-moronically bland…seem to be a losing recipe in the general election.

3. Pete Buttigieg…Let’s just say too young, too inexperienced…and in that way we don’t have to address the other elephants…the big too white and the big too gay ones…neither of which America is ready for.

4. Joe Biden…. Is a good guy and a good man…but at 75 years old, he has slowed down considerably so that the best job for him nowadays is chief adviser…perhaps strictly for story telling about the good old days… and/or retirement with honors for a life of dedicated and invaluable service.

5. Amy Klobuchar….Smart and steady…but not ready for prime time…unless possibly as a good Vice-Presidential running mate for an older Michael Bloomberg.

6. Michael Bloomberg… might be the answer to the question. We begin by refuting the ridiculous notion that his financial success, his billionaire status automatically disqualifies him. This is a man, not born to wealth, a self- made success in worthwhile, legitimate business enterprises, a family man with a scandal free personal life who should be admired …not demonized as some selfish, anti-social, corrupt oligarch. And as far as the buying elections criticism… So what…it’s his money…not dark money….not undue influence money.

Has he made mistakes??…yes…many…but he has the common sense and decency to own up, take responsibility, be accountable…and undertake the work to make amends… the kind of behavior that one would expect from an adult…from a leader…from a person who does not have the screaming needs to pointedly identify himself as a “stable genius”. This is a person who has a proven record of knowing how to manage and knowing how to win without massive cheating. What a relief it will be to remove these ill-fitting shoes so we can stand comfortably and begin the hard work ahead…to make up for all the problems created by the last four years of mis-steps, corruption and inactive productivity, which despite the deceptive economic statistics have left the bulk of our families mired in economic deprivation that can only be corrected by massive, socially responsive legislation that can best be effectuated by proven, responsible executive leadership.

The icing on the cake would be if Michael Bloomberg could persuade Michelle Obama to be the best Vice-Presidential running mate EVER! Wow, if she would go for it…Oh Happy Day…With all due respect, the Mitch McConnell Karma alone would be cosmic.