We can. We Must. We Will. Truth Matters.

3 min readJan 9, 2021


The people of our country have done great things. We split the atom. We have walked on the moon. We have cured polio, smallpox, Covid-19. The list goes on, but I am beginning to sound like John Belushi in Animal House.

Surely, with such a record of accomplishments, we should be able to turn around perhaps as many as 10 million misguided Trump lovers, who are unhappy with their lots in life, who are frustrated and angry, fever pitch angry, veins bulging angry, even racist, anti-Semitic, brainwashed angry, to the point that they can and have been too easily deluded by an uncouth, spoiled rotten rich, selfish, egomaniac, low character hustler in an expensive suit, to believe that this well dressed man would advocate their cause. That with his support and encouragement as President of the United States, this “Dear Leader” would be able to channel all of their rage and hatred, and forge for them a new identity as patriots and freedom fighters for their just cause. Little did they suspect that their pretend champion, who would seemingly restore their American dream for them, is nothing more than a fraud, a trickster, and a con artist for the impressionable, for the conspiracy theory believers, for the racists and the insecure, and for the all too often mean-spirited people who long to feel as large and as important and as omnipotent as their imposter leader imagines himself to be in his own private, unhinged, hellish dreams. With his encouragement, with his incitement, they would feel entitled to invade the halls of Congress, the halls of power and set things right at whatever cost, because God and righteousness were on their side. Unfortunately, they are not revolutionaries or patriots. They have no platform or reforms by which they stand. They are simply Trump’s private muscle to help Donald steal another 4 years of using the office to further line his pockets, not a very righteous cause at all.

Surely, not all of these people are bad people. Surely the great majority are redeemable and can be brought back to their senses. I am optimistic.

Accountability first, and then reform and healing.

But let us not be naïve. We have an active insurrection going on. It is reasonably well coordinated, and it is extensive. It is millions of people extensive! Accountability and punishment for law breakers must be swift and complete from top to bottom. From the inciters like Donald Trump and his immediate top-level enablers and his top level silent co-ordinators, to the bearded grunt smoking a cigarette at Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

We know what to do. We have the leadership and the expertise to do it. Let’s get to work.

Our greatest accomplishment is at risk. Our free, democratic republic which has lasted for 250 years is battered and bruised. Let’s fix it.

Surely, the combined resources of the American people can outwit one Donald J. Trump.

We must. We can. We will.