We are now truly at a break-glass-in-case-of-fire moment for the Justice Dept.”

They say that it cannot happen here. News flash. It is already happening here. Our democracy and our “rule of law” are disintegrating. Barr is subverting our Justice system. Pompeo is subverting our State Department. Trump is out of control, and every GOP Senator except Mitt Romney are to blame. They all should resign.

Trump’s arrogant and brazen meddling in the sentencing of his “Punk, Henchman, Crimey”, Roger Stone,… his lobbying for a lighter sentence for this “self-anointed”, sleazy “dirty trickster” …in conjunction with the complicity of Trump’s dirtbag, Attorney General ,Bill Barr… with Barr’s full understanding of “knowing better…all of these things should be seen and understood for exactly what they are:

As former senior Justice Department official, David Laufman tweeted this is “a shocking, cram-down political intervention in the criminal justice process.”

Congressman Adam Schiff said, “it would be a blatant abuse of power if President Trump has in fact intervened to reverse the recommendations of career prosecutors at the Department of Justice.” Does anyone have any doubt that the President’s claims of non-intervention are just more of his lies? Of course, he is lying, and of course Barr’s willingness to cater to Trump’s every whim has effectively given Trump, the smallest, most inept, slimiest person to ever inhabit the White House…Free Reign… to act out in any and every unhinged way that occurs to him. Whatever justification, rationalization or excuse Barr offers in his “oh so self-righteous, condescending manner” will be total Bullshit…he is merely channeling Trump’s inner slime…which is why he should be resigning…not the four career prosecutors who he kneecapped. Let’s see what an independent Federal Judge has to say about this clear abuse of power by the “Slime Twins”.

Schiff continues: “Doing so (Trump intervening) would send an unmistakable message that President Trump will protect those who lie to Congress to cover up his own misconduct, and that the Attorney General will join him in that effort. Coupled with the President’s blatant retaliation against those who helped expose his wrongdoing, the Trump Administration poses the gravest threat to the rule of law in America in a generation.”

It should be noted that in the real estate and construction business from where Trump comes, developers and syndicators (when trying to increase their profits), always consider the rules and regulations governing real estate to pretty much be fair game for any type of attempt to circumvent. Manipulating the law is part and parcel of what many of them consider their entitlement…ask not for permission…just do it or build it… and get forgiveness later after the fact!. Well Donnie, this is not the real estate business… it’s the United States of America… and these are not just mere rules and regulations… these are the laws of the land….and honest, right thinking and right doing Americans have had enough. You have got to go because you don’t know the difference between your job descriptions… and you absolutely do not know the difference between right and wrong.

And your phony Attorney General, Bill Barr…he does know the difference, so he also has to go…. by whatever means…and as quickly as possible including impeachment or indictment. Regarding United States Senator for Maine, Susan Collins, who suggested that after his impeachment, Trump would be chastened and that he would conform his behavior to ethical standards… she and her cowardly GOP Senatorial cohorts could not have been more wrong. This entire herd of GOP weaklings must be thinned… voted out and put out to pasture, as impotent and useless as ever.

Enough dedicated, honorable patriotic public servants have stood up to this indecent President, this abuser of the power with which he has been entrusted…and they all have suffered unfair consequences from the viscous little man with blood on his hands.

The strength and beauty of our institutions, which were built to protect us against these types of abuses of power, are that their endurance rests upon the continued good will of the people who ultimately control their mechanisms. The privileged white men of an era much different than today, had the foresight to write the laws by which these institutions were to be used to govern. They wrote with the understanding that power corrupts… and absolute power corrupts absolutely…and that in the final analysis it would be the goodwill of the people and their elected representatives to maintain the protections that these evolving and enduring institutions were designed to maintain. If that good will breaks down, trouble emerges.

Ironically, 250 years later, it is white privilege, white entitlement and white corruption that has grown into the disease that is now corrupting and corroding the foundations of the very institutions originally designed to protect us from abuses of power. It is no longer just the tyranny of monarchs against which our institutions protect. It is the tyranny of the few entitled white tricksters and exploiters, who have manipulated, abused and poisoned our institutions against our core values and against the aspirations of our people. “Break glass” indeed. The foundations are rotting, and these very institutions are on the verge of collapse under the weight of the constant barrages of these unrestrained abusers.

Enough is Enough! Their conduct is an OUTRAGE that can no longer be tolerated.

If our representatives are no longer up to the task, the people will take to the streets.

“For What It’s Worth” Lyrics for 2020

What a field day for to tweet

A million people in the streets

Singing songs and carrying signs

Mostly saying, “Goodbye Trump Goodbye”

It’s time we stop

Hey, what’s that sound?

Everybody look — who’s going down?




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