Trump Election Blues, Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish. It is Over. Law and Order Prevails.

4 min readDec 8, 2020


Donald emerges from his 2-hour morning makeup session with his hair perfectly coiffed, his pounds of Orange Rouge perfectly in place, his clothing carefully chosen so he can appear to be a real President. But his face does not lie. The distorted stare of his eyes, his clenched jaw, the tilted angle of his head, his bodily gestures are all “tells” that present the obvious picture (for those who want to see the truth); of a man who is definitely not in his right mind. The tones, the rhythms, and the modulations of his voice, plus the substance of his words and actions, the wild conspiracy theories and accusations, certainly confirm that very salient fact.

It bothers me that he is still getting criticized with the conventional polite terms accorded the prestige of a sitting POTUS. He has forfeited that right early on when it was clear that he not only failed to grasp the trust and prestige of the responsibility the American people had bestowed on him, but that he did not care if he brought shame and dishonor on the office and the people who voted for him; as long as got what he wanted. When a criminal behaves like some two bit, rotten, chicken shit, rat, we should not describe him politely as “not in his right mind” we should call him a “bat shit”, crazy piece of filth…deservedly and over and over again.

He may have thought that his Roy Cohn, tough guy bravado, “pick a fight with everyone” routine was going to work forever but he’s going to find out that the United States Intelligence Community, our Court Systems and our fair minded local and State government officials are just a tad more formidable then his usual enemies like a New York Manhattan Department of Real Estate. As good a run as he had in the last four years with his lap dog GOP senators, that is how bad his life is about to become for his remaining years, with prosecutors badgering him every day. He may not see the inside of prison, but he will be spending every minute of his day and every dime of his ill-gotten gains in misery trying to stay out of jail, deservedly and over and over again. Allow me to introduce you to New York, Attorney General, Letitia James.

And in the meantime, we still do not hear a compelling, critical voice from any of the GOP leadership to state the obvious disgrace he brought to the American public and to our democratic republic. Donald is a person completely detached from objective reality, committing multiple crimes a day trying to rig everything he touches to his advantge, not realizing that it is all going to cost him at the final tally…and he will be shocked at how little support he will get once he is perceived finally and correctly as the supreme loser that he is.

Until then he happens to be the “lame duck” leader of the free world for at least another 40 days…and we will have to hope for the best.

Even though some 70-plus million people voted for this man to be President, I suspect that it is most assuredly only a small per centage who truly believe his crazy false conspiracy claims. I have more faith in the common sense of our people, ourcourts, and our good faith leaders of compassion and of clear thinking.

But even if only 10 % of our people buy into his lies, broadcast from the bully pulpit and magnified out of proportion by social media, they are insane lies that still poison our public discourse and they undermine our democracy immeasurably.

Therefore, critical thinking, and regard and respect for the truth matter. Facts and objective reality reflected by our best scientific and legal minds have never mattered more.

The rantings of mentally unstable people (like Donald and company), regardless of their station in life, must be recognized and called out for what they are, rantings! Without fair and honest agreement of the rules, we cannot have a free democratic Republic. Without rules, without unity, no one wins, everybody loses.

The Trump experiment has failed miserably. Time to move on. Keep your eyes open and be careful to pay attention and to honor rational thought, especially your own most importantly.

Deranged, bitter, sore losers, with power, are always and still are dangerous. I am referring, of course, to Donald Trump. But not for much longer.

It is Over. Law and Order Prevails. So speaks the Supreme Court of the United States in one sentence today, 12/08/2020; “relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”