This is what happens when the 1% Billionaire class hires an unethical real estate operator to run the country.

For over 50 years, Donald Trump has lived the life of a cheater. Even with… or maybe because of… a $500 million gift/head start in life at age 21 from his father, he never was able to feel respected in his endeavors. Perhaps if he would have parlayed his extreme good fortune into some charitable work, some statesman like activities… he may not have been so insecure. But in New York, he became known as selfish, untrustworthy, and disagreeable… and argumentative on the most ridiculous of small issues. He soon became a social pariah despite his wealth and flamboyance. His publicly stated philosophy of life endeared him to very few. “Man is the most vicious of all animals and life is a series of battles ending in victory or defeat.” It is an attitude that has stayed with him…and brought him to where he is today…for better or for worse.

Here is a formula that you should only try to decipher for a moment: Billionaire $$ x (White Supremacists & Gun Control Lobby) + (Anti Abortionists & Evangelists) = Donald Trump

As all math students know regarding equations, you must show your work or prove your formula…so we begin our proof with certain basic assumptions.

Obviously the 1% “billionaire/corporate titan” class does not have enough votes to elect anyone. But if they manufacture enough propaganda aimed at capturing the hearts and minds of the vast numbers of racist gun nuts and racists ant-abortionists… and they keep pounding their message(s) relentlessly and unremittingly, they are not only able to amass quite a base….they are able to generate a type of phenomenon called “mass hysteria” ( characterized by a group think that stands for the proposition that “I’m not going to change my mind for anything ”) With “Citizens United “ permitting mountains of money with which to fund the training of these malleable minds, this base is not likely to change their thinking… until they receive a little illumination of the facts of life in 2020 America. This illumination must begin immediately because, in fact, the number of white supremacy types of groups are growing in numbers rapidly…(disguised, such as they are, as wolves in sheep’s clothing)…with innocent PAC type names such as “the Congressional Leadership Fund” or as I prefer to think of some of them as “Brown-Shirted Mothers for Fetuses”. The 1% ers, with their gazillion dollar PACs, need only to “Facebookingly” pulverize the Base’s attention on a candidate who will ingratiate him/herself to their scrambled collective brains…and Voila…now you have a voting bloc of some size!

What better type of candidate for the 1%ers to choose for their fully formed base than an unwitting “delivery boy” who has the skills to deliver a tax bill that will shower “the Rich” with all the gifts that “good” tax bills deliver … such as $1.5 trillion in Trump tax cuts that go to this donor class:

Some of this money gets spent on ads that flood “swing “ congressional districts with attacks on the Democratic candidates trying to win those districts for control of the House. But most of it goes directly into the pockets of the Fat Cats…and trust me when I tell you, it ain’t trickling down to you or me.

Rather than discuss at length in technical, boring, accounting detail about the many specific examples of which (and how) wealthy individuals or companies benefit from these tax cuts, one example will suffice: The casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, donated $30 million to Political Action committees for Republicans last year. That is a lot of “donations”. But is it really a donation, if Sheldon’s company, Las Vegas Sands, reports a nearly $700 million windfall from the tax cuts earlier this year? Think of it this way. If I ask you for a $30 investment in January, and pay you back with $700 in December, would you consider that a good deal?

Here is the bottom line. While it is too early to predict fully the effects of a very large tax overhaul, experts can strongly suggest:

1. Corporate (Fat Cat) tax cuts are draining revenue from the U.S. Treasury

2. Little was accomplished to ultimately benefit U.S. workers.

3. “Instead of trickling down to workers, the 2017 tax cuts have largely served to line the pockets of already wealthy investors — further increasing inequality — with little to show for it.”

So, in the final analysis, there is only a trickle left for the vast number of the 99% tricked Trumpsters who blithely persist in their belief that all is well as long as their precious racist goals have been “re-enforced”. Apparently the 1% believe that for always it will not matter to them that millions of dollars should have been earmarked to remove the lead from their children’s drinking waters; or the funds should have been used to increase the minimum wages that have not been raised for generations; or moneys should have been directed to properly irrigate their drought ridden soil….etc., etc. All of that money that they should have received…it is not OK that it is gone for the benefit of Donald’s wealthy “friends”. It is not O K at all.

And soon enough it won’t be all O K for a lot of the base who will not be satisfied with … “just as long as I have my guns”,…or women cannot get to control their own bodies… or people of color can be “gerrymandered” or “poll taxed” out of their rights to vote…and the world can go to hell in a hand basket…This is no longer going to be just O K.

I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi’s strategy is going to work. I hope it does. Already we see evidence of Mitch starting to twist in the wind as additional evidence of further obstruction begins to leak in the forms of previously concealed emails. As these leaks start to increase into a full flow or flood, Mitch may have to change his tune. If he really wants to keep protecting a 50-year, unethical, inept con man, who while being impeached for making a mockery of our constitution, continues to cover up and obstruct in the same way for which he is being impeached…then all I can say to Mitch is: As John McEnroe used to say: “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS”

And so if you, dear reader, like this hustle being played on we, the 99%, by a greedy, insecure, narcissistic social climber, whose major moral deficiencies are the trifecta of necessary character flaws…greed, narcissism and insecurity…to keep this state of affairs going…keep supporting the GOP. They are all like baby bulls in a candy store…mixed metaphor intended. And they all need to be removed.

So enough with the greed and narcissism, the mockery of our institutions, the degradation of our values, the lies and the waste of time. The entire Trump administration and their Congressional supporters must be replaced (if not indicted) so that the confused portion of our country can start a major mind shift to our better angels. Our Republic is at stake. And I hope the Congressional leader, Nancy Pelosi, continues to hold out…just like Mitch did with the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland.



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