Note to “Proud Boys”: Don’t be a sore loser like your fallen idol Donald Trump.

4 min readNov 7, 2020


Note to Donald: If you are going to continue sulking and complaining, go home Donald. The rest of us have work to do. If you have even an ounce of love for this country, leave us peacefully, and leave us graciously. Keep your dignity intact and keep the dignity of the office of the Presidnt of the United States intact also..

Note to Proud Boys and United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), and other para-military type groups: With all due respect (and speaking as a freedom loving patriotic citizen), may I suggest that you put down your weapons of destruction, and instead pick up your power tools and get ready to channel all of your skills and positive energies to join in the plans to rebuild and to repair a better America. You could not ask for a President who is a better champion for working-class America than Joe Biden, a Union man for his entire adult life. Check out his record compared to Donald Trump’s record, and you will discover a huge difference in favor of Joe Biden. For the first time in maybe 50 years, with Biden’s leadership, working class Americans will gain a chance to close the income and the wealth gap by getting paid the kinds of earnings to support the dignified lifestyle they deserve for themselves and their families. If you do just a little homework, you will see it is time to join in and help rebuild America for the betterment of all of us.

Your homework (as easy as Google) will show you that Trump never had any such plans. His only plan was the same old, same old; “Rich old white guys get richer and the rest of us get poorer” plan. Those days are over now, and with your help and with you pitching in, you could be a huge part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Donald Trump was never a Working-Class Hero, never a champion for the working-class. He was born with not just a silver spoon in his mouth; he had a silver shovel. He inherited $400 million at age 21, and he lost no time in installing gold plated toilet seats in his home for his lazy, pampered, fat-cat, ass to sit on. Think about that humongous amount of money and those toilet seats, and then remember that with all that good fortune, which just fell into his lap from Daddy, consider how quickly and selfishly he commenced mis-spending it. The first order of business was to buy a fake medical deferment to cheat and avoid service in Viet Nam; and then he devoted the remainder of his business life to cheating and exploiting working class people. That is not skillful business acumen. That is cheating. His tax records will also show that in addition to the hundreds of contractors he stiffed via his 4 or 5 bankruptcies, he never donated dollar one to charity. NOT ONE DOLLAR.

Donald Trump is SO NOT your kind of guy, it is laughable. He is mostly a spoiled, punk, coward who is only out for himself. He is a lazy trust fund baby who inherited a fortune and then cheated his way to further riches. His notion of hard work is watching television, tweeting and complaining all day, while stuffing his face. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been supporting union benefits from day one. Check the historical record. And check the current records for Joe’s plans (lots of plans) for home-grown jobs to rebuild our infrastructure; for job retraining, union negotiations, higher minimum wage, etc, etc. Not a gold-plated toilet seat mentioned anywhere. Here is an idea for perspective: Count up and consider the number of golden thrones owned among your close friends and family.

Maybe you thought Donald was your kind of “tough guy” because he always resisted playing by the rules, and he yelled and screamed and blamed others; and in making a lot of noise in defiance of authority, he was usually able to get his way. That is not a tough guy. That is a punk. Tough guys make plans and then do the hard work to carry out those plans. If you want an example of a tough guy, A Working Class Hero, try 95 year old Jimmy Carter, who is still a tougher guy than Trump can ever hope to be… still out there with his hammer hanging off his tool belt doing his best to help build houses for “Habitat for Humanity”, going home to the same woman he married 74 years ago… no complaining, no whining, just going about doing the best he can for himself and others…no “Look at me, see how I’m the best, the smartest and the most stable genius”, just taking care of business with dignity and honor.

You do not have to be Jimmy Carter, or Rocky Balboa, or Bruce Springsteen or John Lewis; or anybody famous. There are millions of Americans doing the hard, essential, heroic work this country needs every day; from teachers to truckers, from factory workers to nurses working in old folks home cleaning up after your parents and grandparents, to clerks, secretaries, and ditch diggers, the list goes on; and most of them are underpaid.

It is going to take all of us to turn this ship around so that we all can lead better lives. Working together makes so much more sense than yelling at each other.

So, get off that phony, tin horn, Trump train. Start “Riden with Biden”. There is a lot of healing to be done. Good work. Good pay. Good Energy. Good Stuff.