My Messed-Up Mitch McConnell Election Nightmare

If a State Legislature took Mitch McConnell’s advice to cut their spending by declaring bankruptcy, how would such bankruptcy affect the State’s ability to conduct elections? Specifically, all 50 states grant their residents the right to vote for president, and it is their resident’s vote (registered voters) who will determine which electors from each state will select the next president during the vote of the Electoral College, consisting of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. If a state declares bankruptcy and determines that there are not enough funds to conduct a regular statewide election by the people, could not the respective state Legislatures change their laws and instead allow its legislature to decide which electors will choose the next president. In the alternative, even without a bankruptcy, could not any of these States just as easily declare that because of the Pandemic, they are not prepared for a statewide election.

I do not know the law or politics well enough to answer the questions of how quickly any particular state legislature could enact the required legislation involved in these two separate matters (bankruptcy and election by State Legislature).However my nightmare question is if Donald Trump were to ask any particular state Legislature or the State’s Governor (however the case may be) to appoint electors instead of having an election, I am wondering how readily his request might be followed in states where Donald is still polling favorably.

I do know that there are 30 states with Republican legislatures. I believe that there are 20 States with Republican Governors. I believe that these 30 states with legislative majorities control approximately 225 electoral votes. My nightmare ends with the thought that even if only a few these states allowed their legislatures to appoint electors, is it not possible that the November election could result in no candidate receiving the required 270 vote majority of electoral-college votes.

If no candidate wins this majority of electors, the Twelfth Amendment empowers the House of Representatives to decide who will be president. I know that Democrats currently control the House, but there are some other Twelfth Amendment additional rules that require the House to choose the president by voting as states, not as individual members. And I do not know what the hell that means in terms of 435 individual votes, or if there would be 50 state votes.

All I know is that if Trump is allowed to use (or more likely if McConnell is able to use) the Covid-19 Pandemic to manipulate the November election, this is a problem. I begin to get too lost in the maze of possibilities. But McConnell, slime bucket though he may be, has proved to a very capable manipulator of these mazes of governmental rules and regulations, as evidenced by his record of appointments to the federal judiciary, and this truly is where my nightmare begins.

This may only be a tempest in a teapot, but I suspect that they are both up to no good. I just am just not sure exactly what or how bad the trouble is that they are brewing.



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