Lonely will be the Senator Who Votes to Acquit.

The most infuriating aspect of the Republican Senators failure to do their jobs is that it is more than just a failure. It is a refusal to honor their oath…and a refusal that stains them indelibly and forever with the mark of moral cowardice…for the flimsiest of reasons. They are scared that they may lose their jobs…as if having to enter the job market is such a terrifying or degrading proposition…either of which notion is pathetic enough. But what is even more tragic is that they are fearful of a Donald Trump type of low-life character… even if he is our POTUS,..aka, the most foul mouthed, hate slinging “”Commander in Tweet”…which he uses all too well.

Here is a Newsflash. Life After Trump is Coming Soon. Why? Because Donald Trump is nothing more than a buffoon…a well-dressed, clever con artist extraordinaire to be sure, but in the final analysis an inept, artless buffoon who is on the verge of being exposed once and for all. To be scared to stand up for the truth at this point is not only pathetic and tragic, it is stupid. This is the perfect opportunity for each GOP Senator to stand up for truth and right…and inscribe their name on the correct side of history.

Life today is difficult and messy… as challenging as it has ever been. But in times of doubt, when simple clarity is our hope for a modicum of inner peace, people need to commit themselves insistently (if not contradictorily) to the basic tasks of living properly…and if we demand such effort from ourselves, than we damn well should be able to demand the same from our elected officials. How cowardly it is that our GOP senators are intimidated by a low-class, serial cheating real estate developer, who as President equates his standard type of bribing of a supervisor of a Building Department, Zoning Permit Officer for a waiver to build an extra few stories onto his new apartment development as equivalent to his blackmail scheme in Ukraine.

That Trump does not see or care about the horrific consequences of how his actions jeopardize the lives of the people of Ukraine; how they jeopardize Europe’s security and our own security; of how he ruins the lives of his victims from our southern borders to to our Kurdish allies in the Mid East …to our patriotic career diplomats, etc. etc. ad nauseum….all of this is bad enough. He is, after all, a tiny con man, a willfully ignorant, spoiled son of a wealthy guy…a man who never arose above mediocrity in New York City Power circles… a man who will return to his nobody status …or a worse status if he is ever sentenced to the prison terms he so richly deserves. Surely by now these GOP “all stars” must have recognized that they have hitched their wagons to a ship that is sinking fast.

We have just recently heard the President of the United States in a most revelatory tape recording of May 2018 asking Lev Parnas, a donor who he says he doesn’t even know …asking this “stranger”: ”How long do you think Ukraine can last?”… in a war of aggression against them by Russia. In other words, he is asking Lev: “How many Ukrainians will have to die before he (Donald) is able to pressure these people into caving into his personal request.” He is seeking to measure the leverage he can bring to bear to strangle these people into submission…just as casual, careless and callous as can be about the death and suffering he will cause. His absolute ignorance and disregard for the gravity of the office he holds is breathtaking. This is who he is…a genuinely awful person.

But the good news is that his days of ineptitude and abuse are coming to an end. I have faith in the common sense of the many members of the “Base” who are not hard core, evangelical pro-lifers, whose support of Trump is never going to change. There are many more voters in this “Base” whose loyalty to Trump started to waver when they recognized that the “Trump Populist Tax Act” not only did nothing to fulfill its promise to improve their financial condition…it betrayingly helped make Donald’s rich friends even richer. Couple this disappointment with an ethos that hard working people wear with pride…which is a disdain and a resentment for privileged cheaters and bullies who are able to unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of others (such as themselves) who are in weaker negotiating positions…and the result we see is evidence in the polls that public opinion is shifting.

Donald Trump sought to bully and blackmail a needy and deserving ally in a way that resonates with a great many of the good, hard working, decent “Base” voters, who have had similar experiences at the hands of corporate and political bullies of all stripes. They don’t like bullies…and they don’t like cheaters…and they recognize both of these qualities in the Trump crowd. And the polls are showing their disaffection. The nervous, spineless…and apparently myopic GOP senators should be much more afraid of the wrath of these voters than the wrath of a sinking President.

So, if nothing else, the instincts for self-preservation of the “Trump supporting Senators” should be kicking in any time now. My advice to these voting GOP Senators is: “Don’t wait for the next Lev Parnas tape to drop”. “Take him (Donald) out now. Do it”

Honesty really is (more often than not) the best policy. Honesty also is (more often than not) the best strategy. They should try it before it is too late.

And they should also ask themselves: Where do you want to be when Donald finally flames out? It is never too late to do the right thing…but if they wait too long…doing the right thing may come too late to save them from catching on fire.

Lonely will be the Senator who votes to acquit. Do the right thing. Vote to convict…or at least vote to allow more witnesses.




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