January 6th Postscript. The whole world was watching.

3 min readFeb 11, 2021


Detestable Donald is not really the whole problem, although he is as loathsome a creature as any that walks the Earth. He is after all just the quintessential, spoiled rich kid who has never done an honest day’s work in his life, a true miscreant, who despite inheriting a massive fortune at an early age, decided he had nothing better to do with his good fortune than dedicate his life to an ethos of lying and cheating his way to further riches. He is, in truth, nothing more than a well-dressed, traditional low life, bottom feeding, amoral, coward who uses others to do his fighting for him He is the invading mob’s champion only because he is a clever con man (albeit a blowhard) who provides those who have already nursed a pre-disposition to hate, with the easy, age-old, and reliable outlet for all of their anger. He scapegoats that “different person” over there who is to blame. He tells the mob that it is “Mr. and Mrs. Different” who are at fault for all of their problems. And for those who do not know who those different other persons are, all you have to do is look at all the Confederate flags and the Nazi symbols at every one of Donald’s rallies. Donald knew exactly what he was doing; inciting an already whipped up mob to commit violence.

The rioters, whatever their nagging problems, whatever the gaping holes in their souls, are aiming their blind, blood curdling, vein popping, anger at the wrong enemy. Donald is not their solution. Nor is the black guy, or the Jew or the Muslim or the gay person the source of whatever is bothering them.

Until this country comes to terms with its 400 years of racism and bigotry, until the notion of white supremacy is eradicated, and our laws begin to provide for more equitable wealth distribution for everyone… the answer to the question of “Who are we ?” is that we are a nation divided by too many easily fooled, greedy, selfish, bitter, “have nots and haters”… and a nation of a minority of a very wealthy “ have way too much-ers”, who are all too willing to exploit and manipulate the “great unwashed, the pathetic fools, the easy picking suckers” for whom this (hopefully disappearing) minority of “one per centers” have nothing but disdain, disgust and contempt.

But there is still another even larger group of people, who are traditionalists, who still want to do right, and who will fight fairly and civilly to uphold the best of our values.

So, while the Donalds and the Ted Cruz’s and the Josh’s and the Marjories and the Jim Jordans ad nauseum are temporarily prospering, their time in the sun is short lived, regardless of the outcome of this second impeachment.

I think that this time, their time is up because there is a rational, objective, distinction between good and bad… and the good people will prevail.

The whole world, enemies and allies, are watching and taking notes.