Impeachment Two, Game Over

3 min readFeb 13, 2021


I watch a lot of news on several different networks, and when I watch versions of “Impeachment Two, Game Stop” all I can keep thinking is Mass Insanity, Mass Cowardice, Mass Stupidity.

Trump’s lawyers are a joke. And a bad joke at that. And if there is one thing that the American public understands, it is bad TV; and the show they are putting on is really bad TV. I recognize that these lawyers have an impossible job trying to defend the indefensible actions of a horrible person whose ultra-cleverness, uber arrogance, and sweeping ineptitude have resulted in a mountain of video and audio evidence against him. But for a lawyer representing the President of the United States in the Halls of Congress to look into a nationally televising camera and state that the President was not inciting violence because his tweet, the ‘Calvary Is Coming’ is a tweet that referred to a “Public Display of Christ’s Crucifixion,” was coming, ( a prayer meeting) not an actual, armed, army-type, mobile, combat unit type of ‘Cavalry’. The truth is that this is a commonn typo, and in fact the reference was to a mobile combat unit, a Cavalry, and the lawyers know it. But this is just a bald face lie by a lawyer who should know better. It is just bad TV on steroids. And the rest of script is even worse.

No one wants to see what a sick piece of s**t Trump is to treat his little, puppy dog, ass kisser Mike Pence like he did. Regardless of your opinion of V.P. Pence, when Desperate Don learned that his loyal puppy’s life was in imminent danger, our pampered, little orange man, did nothing to call in further security forces to protect Mike and everyone else who was in danger. Donald just does not get it. He is only interested in looking out for himself. The country and everyone else in it, are in a distant second place. And the weak little GOP cowards in the Senate are even sicker to sign off on the above referenced Trump chickenshit behavior.

And, in truth Mr. Meek Mike, what the hell is the matter with you that you allow yourself to be disrespected so galactically, and you cannot speak up for yourself. My God, the GOP may as well stand for the Grand Old Pansies.

If all of the GOP pansy asses, think that the Proud Boys and Company are winning any popularity contests anytime soon, they are fools on top of being cowards. Here is a newsflash. The lunatic, invading, fringe took their best shot, and now their day in the sun is over. The Hammer is coming down. They can run and hide, but it’s coming.

And even traditional Republican voters are starting to catch on.

Regular folks recognize that Trump’s non action in the face of the invasion of his lunatic mob is “Game Over”. The whole world knows it. If you are a GOP Senator who votes to acquit, it is game over for you too.

I need to get some sleep.