If you vote to acquit, you vote for more grift. You need to resign… or if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s incitement to riot.

3 min readFeb 3, 2021


I am so tired of these So-called Leaders of the Republican Party who want to move on and forget about the casualties and the deaths at the capitol, as if their cowardice had nothing to do with it. Just as they want to believe they are not the same NRA puppets who are equally culpable for the mass deaths of our school children, or the cowards who ignored central American children snatched from their parents and still missing …as if the sufferings of all victims and their families of right wing fascistic policies are inconsequential. “Move on, shit happens. We have other problems to create”. This is their statement.

Theirs is the leadership that is always quick to claim the fame, but last to take the blame. How useless they are. Ted Cruz proclaims loudly how much he wants to “lead us to the light”. That is until it gets too dark. Then you go first.

This is the attitude of cowards who are as unfamiliar with the pain and suffering of others as they are with what is required to show the strength of real courage. These are plastic, soulless, fake leaders who are indifferent to the anguish, pain or the fear others feel because their ambition blinds them into thinking that they are better than the people they want to lead, better educated, better privileged, better whatever. How misguided they are. These are faux leaders who fold at the first sign of trouble. Then they begin looking for the exits and become nowhere to be found.

Is the word sissy used anymore? I just look at these “Donny pretender” guys like Ted Cruz or Matt Gaetz, and that “long ago” word comes to my mind when I listen to their pretend tough guy talk. There is probably not one day of military service among all of them. Probably not even any contact sports in high school for fear of a cracked fingernail. Honest to God, these guys should have been publicly bitch slapped daily growing up so they would actually know what pain is; what fear is. Because without any fear, you cannot have courage. And these guys were too pampered too privileged too insulated by mommy and daddy to ever become acquainted upfront and personal with real fear. They have never been tested.

But there is a solution for them that is in the works; a way for them to become tested. It is called the University of the Bureau of Prisons. Their education will begin when they report to the Bureau to start serving (hopefully real and harsh) well-deserved sentences. They will become acquainted with some of the veteran residents at their new living quarters, folks by the name of Bubba or Bear, who will be quick to enlighten them as to the new rules of BOP etiquette, which includes proper understanding of the formalities of blackmail, shakedowns, beatings, and of course new sexual positions. And the world of new nick names, like . “My little bitch”, or “ my little pansy” come to mind.

After they become fully immersed in a culture of arbitrary and irrational bloody reprisals, in a life of daily fear for their personal, physical safety on a very visceral level, perhaps then they will gain some understanding to be a little less flippant about the very real fears and sufferings of others. They may even learn a little something about empathy or compassion.

I doubt very much, however, whether they will learn anything about Courage.