3 min readDec 6, 2019

I felt his life might be in danger! Grave danger? Is there any other kind?

Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in the Movie, “A Few Good Men”

Kaffee: Yes, Sir. Colonel, at the time of this meeting, you gave Lt. Kendrick an order, is that right?
Jessep: I told Kendrick to tell his men, that Santiago wasn’t to be touched.
Kaffee: And did you give an order to Colonel Markinson as well?
Jessep: I ordered Markinson to have Santiago transferred off the base immediately.
Kaffee: Why?
Jessep: I felt his life might be in danger once word of the letter got out.
Kaffee: Grave danger?
Jessep: Is there another kind?

Every day that Donald Trump remains in office, Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our National Security. A Grave Danger!

Everyone Knows this.

His support of Vladimir Putin, a thug and a murderer, is known to all.

His obstruction of justice is unparalleled in the history of our country.

He allows huge numbers of innocent people to suffer and die for no other reason than they are in the way of his own personal gain.

His coverup of the truth of his cheating and lawlessness of his entire history conceals a thoroughly criminal personality.

Every Republican is aware of these facts. Everyone of these Republican Senators has chosen to turn a blind eye to these obvious abuses.

John McCain would not spend one second in the presence of any of these Trump supporting Traitors.

Every second, every dollar that will be spent on the phony, traitorous defense of this obvious sociopathic mistake is a tragic danger to our way of life, a reckless, lemming like step to an ultimate dictatorship that will result in the persecution and violation of all precious civil rights of millions of our citizens…many of whom are the unwitting members of Donald Trump’s base. That otherwise intelligent members of the Senate can allow this to happen is an absurdity that is beyond explanation. Every complicit senator is a traitor to the Republic. As of right now, any vote to acquit is incomprehensible. Shame on each and everyone who even dares to utter a word to in the defense of this internationally recognized Joke.

He is a con and a low life, a sleazy con at that…and not a one of these alleged Republican “statesmen” can stand up for the truth.

What is wrong with these people? William Barr, Mike Pompeo…shame on you and the rest of your disgraceful, mendacious crew.

What a tragic waste of our country’s resources that could be so better used to relieve so many problems that need real attebtion.