From Betraying the Kurds to Blackmailing the Ukrainians, The GOP Embraces Gangster Politics: All you Need To Know

6 min readNov 14, 2019


I am happy that the Democrats are doing the right thing with the Impeachment proceedings. Removing this awful and inept corrupt person from the office for which he is so obviously unfit is long overdue. The fact that so much time must be wasted in the legal minutia, mostly created by the unnecessary and inappropriate Republican legal defense of the President is tragic. There is no point in discussing the Republican shenanigans. When in fact that they should be focused on truth finding about the threat posed to our elections and our constitution by Donald Trump, they continue to just act shamefully.

And so, they will continue to waste time and money in their roles of being obfuscating, obstructionists… at the expense of getting real programs enacted… it is sickening. At this point, the only good they are doing is confirming the need for structural changes in our system to ensure that selfish, unproductive, dissembling hypocrites like them can be identified up front and excluded and prevented from gumming up the works. If only some sort of high tech, foolproof “hypocrite detector” machine could be invented…

Meanwhile, back here on earth… the question comes down to: Who are these GOP men (and apparently Nikki Haley) who continue to suck up before this lunatic, who has publicly humiliated them time after time; who has publicly bullied and insulted their manhood, their families and their legacies? Who are these men who want to be elected to our U S Congress, who want to be respected as men of honor and men of integrity? Are they totally blind to the disrespect, to the complete disgust with which they cover themselves with their obsequious behavior? Lunacy is not nearly adequate to describe the behavior to which they cowardly sacrifice their honor, their integrity.

Gangster politics indeed…What fun…with the gang who can’t shoot straight. From John Bolton, perhaps the one maverick… also with the best aim… hinting revenge revelations of Trump’s (corrupt), personal gain motivated Foreign Policy decisions; to Mick Mulvaney going straight up Blackmailing to keep his job by warning: “Trump won’t fire me because he knows that I know too much about his “less than proper ways”. And Nikki Haley doing pure ass kissing to be on what she perceives as the winning side…and the usual suspect Senators, Graham, Kennedy, Paul, etc. ad nauseum, doing their most excellent posture of “see no, hear no evil”…where is Francis Ford Coppola when we need Godfather 4.

So, go ahead Senators. Choose job security over principle; choose ass-kissing over integrity. History has a way of capturing a clear picture of who you are…and it is a very ugly look that will last forever… right along with the very grotesque visage of Donald J. Trump whose face and name will have a solo place in the Hall of Infamy. From Turkey to Ukraine to our southern border, every decision coming from this administration is always a betrayal of our country’s basic, most cherished values. And the result is that good people die. Innocent people. Children. Friends. They all die un-necessarily because uninformed, ignorant, reckless, lawless, selfish behavior prevails.

This is Chickens — t Gangster Politics, at its worst disservice to our country… confirmed, endorsed and tied in a neat little bow by the weakest, most complicit gang of sycophants in our country’s history.

So, what are the people of goodwill who oppose this POTUS to do? How do we rid ourselves of this scourge who still maintains his mysterious hold?We are told to keep it simple. “Branding” we are told in the age of Social Media is the key to grabbing and maintaining the attention of the electorate…and focusing it upon the issues and candidates we want them to vote for. KISS means “keep it simple, stupid”. Short, key phrases to explain and connect…and remind voters on voting day to remember…for example:

1. Transgressions (impeachable violations)

a. Abuse of power

b. Betrayal of trust

c. Steal the 2020 election

2. Kitchen Table Issues

a. Your Income Taxes Have Increased

b. Your Health Care Costs Have Increased

c. Your Wages Remain Stagnant

And, while we are on the subject, here is what’s really going on. When Donnie’s taxes are finally uncovered…and they will be uncovered…they are going to be messy…hard to understand. But not that hard. The public will be able to confirm in clear understandable language that which until recently has been only speculative and obscure. We will not need to be “insiders” or wheeler dealers to understand. We will only need a street level view…with just a smattering of street level smarts. What will be clear are his bankruptcies. What will be clear is that he was flat broke in the late 90s…having squandered the 100s of millions he had inherited from Daddy. That he was a real estate financier without any financing. That he had no credit or access to capital, the life blood of any Real Estate Business. A financier without money is basically what we (the great unwashed) refer to as “UNEMPLOYED”. AND, no respectable bank would loan him any money.

What his tax returns will show is that in his desperate hour of need, Donnie is suddenly and remarkably able to find lenders willing to loan him hundreds of millions of dollars with which to re-ignite his business. Where (you might justifiably ask) is this money coming from? His tax returns will reveal that the money is ultimately coming from…”Wait for it” …Off shore LLC’s with names like “ABC Investment Company” or “You’ll Never Find Our Real Names Investment Group” or if you are still having trouble keeping up, “Dirty Money With Strings Unlimited”. What (you may further inquire) are the chances that all this money up for grabs for the truly needy, desperate and malleable person with the perfect profile may be traceable to one, V. Putin and friends? And (then finally) who is the type of person with the perfect profile to loan it to? How about a phony tough guy, capable of being blackmailed and bent to the will of the “money lenders” who enforce the “Golden Rule of money”…”He who has the Gold, makes the Rules.” And he who takes the dirty money is (by definition) a low life, who always takes the low road…the one without safety signs warning about the bad consequences for not only those who ignore the rules of the road (Sometimes known as the Rule of Law)…but for the rest of us who are equally endangered.

Here is the ultimate irony, which everyone from New York City has known for years. As Michael Bloomberg, a real 50-billion-dollar rich guy who made his money legitimately put it so succinctly 3 years ago at the Democratic Convention: Donald Trump is a con…a phony… a man who is beholden to the likes of Vladimir Putin’s and his vast ocean of black money, stolen from the people of Russia. And this is what these GOP relics still don’t understand: “Tough Guy Trump” is Putin’s Bitch. Really…Donald Trump is nothing more than a cowardly little bitch, a phony, a front…fearful of exposure. And this “Strongman”, who all of these GOP (God forbid I lose my seat and have to get a real job) know is a phony poseur… they still quake in front of this small, hollow bully, who is nothing more than a larger version of their own greed, cowardice and betrayal of their oaths to put country first.

Donald is not the first person to have ever blurred the lines between reality and unreality. But he may be one of the best to have blurred the lines so well and so extensively.

Would you like to un-blur the lines? Would you like some clarity? You say you want simplicity? You want some branding? You want the base to catch on? You want the GOP to grow a set…or at least figure out which way the wind is blowing. Here is your branding.

Vote against the greatest Mistake in American political history. Even the base can be made to understand that it is NOT OK to:

1. Betray our comrades in Arms

2. Blackmail our friends

We are better than that!

But Donald Trump is not. He is a low life form of human existence who does not understand basic decency. He has always been this way…and with his typical tunnel vision, he did not see fit to try to upgrade for a role that could that could have infused his life with as much honor as he could have opted for. Instead he chose a different road, the low road … and we are every-day worse off as we learn more and more about where that road led.

Those that continue to support him in the face of overwhelming evidence of his unfitness for office are doomed to the same dustbins of history* as the greatest disaster in American Political History, Donald J. Trump.

*Thank you, John Brennan.