Expect the GOP to Completely Collapse Into Shameful Defenses of the Indefensible

4 min readNov 12, 2019

Let’s bring a little common sense and straight forward explanation to what is at stake in the coming Impeachment proceedings.

Let’s try to understand why there are reasons that playing by the rules is important.

The rules exist to save people from their worst instincts; and to save other people from the bad consequences that arise from others breaking the rules.

It is not hip; it is not cool to justify bad behavior because “Everyone does it”. Here is a newsflash to the Trump minions… the fact is that NOT everyone does do it!

When you drive your cars at 100 mph through a school zone because you are in a hurry and your hurry is more important to you than the rules, your reckless disregard of the rules creates the real risk of harm to you and harm to others.

The Trump sycophants are going to trot out a series of entirely baseless defenses to (not only) impeachable conduct, but to plain old rotten, indecent, illegal harmful conduct by our President that should be an embarrassment to any fair-minded, clear thinking citizen, who wants to restore decency, integrity and justice to our government.

Proposed Defenses

1. Trump is going to say that he said and did nothing wrong…all this Bribery and blackmail stuff came from Rudi Giuliani and Mick Mulvaney…his fall guys: That’s not going to work…too much evidence to the contrary that the Bribery and Blackmail (withholding of funds) goes right to the top.

2. Some senators and Nikki Haley are saying that he only “attempted to bribe” (or blackmail) and that the Ukrainians actually did get their money. No harm, no foul: This is ridiculous. Attempted murder is an offense…(even if the bullet misses the mark.)

3. He did it but it’s not impeachable, because it doesn’t rise high enough to be impeachable: Like they are baking bread. This won’t work, because it’s right there in the constitution that bribery is impeachable. It’s bribery! Its bribery and its blackmail!… (which is even worse. Blackmail is bribery on steroids…and (by the way) there is no privilege that the president can assert to make his aides not testify … as a matter of law the President never has the right to order people not to testify pursuant to a valid subpoena from congress or the courts….unless national security is involved , which in this case there is no national security issue. And when he makes such an order when he is the accused, he is also exposing himself to further charges that he is trying to subvert the Congress and the Judiciary.

4. The Process is unfair: All such “process” questions are irrelevant. Democrats should Just stonewall these questions…and watch the GOP questioners turn into stuttering idiots.… “your question is not relevant”…”your question makes no sense”…”where do you practice law”….”what? Nowhere…well there it is.” “ You may as well ask me “Why does the president wear a red tie”?

The President has ordered everyone to shut up…to conceal the truth, but most of the patriotic, non-partisan, career diplomats have decided to listen to the constitution, and not the “stable genius liar in chief”, who is trying to subvert the congress and the judiciary. And these seasoned diplomats have provided unassailable, incontrovertible evidence of Presidential misconduct. Right from wrong is easy to see…when it is defined in the constitution… All of the aforementioned defenses are preposterous…and everyone (including the base) knows it. So, GOP …what you gonna do? What side of history do you choose…because history is watching and recording?

And if you think that installing Congressman Jim Jordan with a seat at the table to be the chief rabble rouser/tough guy to throw a monkey wrench into the Democrats attempt to conduct a fair-minded search for the truth, you are making a terrible mistake.

Democrats could not be happier about this choice. Who better to throw that wrench than that “heavy weight intellectual, law school grad (bar exam flunkee), Chief Monkey, Jim Jordan, who will be aided by assistant Monkey and former dairy farmer , best known for his Monkey business of aimlessly running back in forth between Capitol buildings, Devin the Aimless Nunez.

Jim the former, wrestling coach, without the vision to see approximately 150 cases of sexual deviant behavior during his days as assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University is your idea of a top interrogator? Wow! Despite his wrestling experience, Jim is not noted for his ability to Grapple with serious concepts or ideas. I suspect that any witness who stonewalls any of his questions of “cross examination” should maintain enough distance from the fallout when Jim’s head explodes.