Delusions for sale or rent. Be brave. Don’t Buy.

3 min readJan 23, 2021

The best part of the second impeachment investigation is that our country is rediscovering our honor and integrity, with regular, everyday people willing to stand up courageously to immoral and illegal power. These peoples’ courage today is an extension of a powerful line reaching at least as far back to our Civil War hero, Harriet Tubman, or civil rights hero, Rosa Parks, or more recently Colonel Alexander Vindman or to even more recently, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen; and to and through all of the people who have been able to put it all on the line, to stand up and be counted at great personal sacrifice, to do the right thing. And when normal people act with honor and integrity to stand up to the bullies who use either the force of political office, or the force of money, or the force of police power to try to tread on and undermine the rights and values for which this country ought to stand, it is a good sign that Martin Luther King was correct when he talked about the moral Arc of the universe. We are seeing evidence today that the arc is finally starting to approach the right mark.

Donald Trump has been a bully and a cheater his entire life, and he has been able to get away with his lifetime serial corruption, even while in the office of the presidency, which he thought he could just dishonor in the same way he had dishonored his business practices forever. His sedition is no surprise. As the facts emerge, the epic extent of it might be a shock, but that is because he is a man who has no bottom. We will discover just how busy Dirty Donald has been in spreading his toxic form of corruption and just how willing so many high level members of The GOP party, including all types of elected and appointed officials of all politicl stripes, have been willing to sell their souls for a pocketful of phony promises, a pat on the back, and the grand illusion/delusion Donald the con man sells himself everyday.

The days of his type of corruption are perhaps rapidly disappearing… and the Congressional representatives, the likes of whom who are led by Ted Cruz and Josh Howell and the rest of the local and national co-conspirators may soon be forced to recognize that their days of corruption are also over; and the mob that invaded the capital, and even the 70 million people who voted for Donald Trump are going to learn that truth matters, that honor matters, that character matters, that doing the right thing matters, and if they have any sense of decency, they will recognize that those days of corruption should be far behind them as well. If they have any decency or any common sense, they will realize that exploiting and abusing other human beings for unjust personal gain is wrong. And violence solves nothing. They may even have to recognize that behaving properly is actually in their own best interests.

The days of white supremacy are ending for a quite simple reason… because white supremacy represents evil, greed and betrayal of the values that we know to be right and true.

See the light. Be the light. Be brave enough to do the right thing.