Congratulations and Best Wishes for a New Year in America! There is no margin of error.

Congratulations America!

All my good hearted, well intentioned, progressive, forward thinking friends are so optimistic that the Impeachment of our so obviously inferior person in the White House heralds a new day. They are convinced that the common-sense exceptionalism of our citizenry has finally returned to put our country back on the right track. How dearly I wish that I could agree.

Donald Trump started out 3 years ago as a spoiled little wise guy, social misfit, with money and a big mouth. At most, he was a not so smart bully hustler with a mean streak and a selfishness that was borderline psychopathic. He was tolerable in small doses…but after 10 minutes, he was nobody you would want to play golf with…even if he was paying…which was usually never…plus it was well known that he cheated in every which way to keep his score low …WTF!

Once he got close to the nomination and some of the GOP money guys began to see his seeming potential, the seeds were there for the foot soldiers to begin grooming him for the useful tool-ship he became. Unfortunately, he grew a little more wildly and strongly beyond their expectations into the uncontrollable Frankenstein that they still do not quite realize that is beyond their control. And for the voting block for whom his appeal was originally groomed, we can only hope that their unnecessary love of the 2nd amendment and guns… and their “right to life’s” unnatural fear of female sexuality…have not left them blind to Donald’s now very evident shortcomings.

Policy positions aside, this is a man so inferior as a human being, so lacking in any decent trait that might qualify him as passably “normal”, you would not choose him worthy as a babysitter for your children…much less the leader of the free world allies…who by the way have for the first time in history, chosen this President of the U. S. to mock, ignore and avoid as much as possible…including the sharing of top-level mutual security secrets, for which he is deemed a “security risk”. The evidence by now is as clear as a giant red pimple on the tip of your nose.

This is a man who treats the most powerful office in the world as if it is an entertainment business, and his job is to remain popular with his fan base. In fact, his every decision and every act are informed by this limited vision. Keeping his job is first and foremost. And to that end , his favorite role which sells so well at rally after rally is that of a cheap, unfunny comic, whose fans laugh wildly at infantile “dick” jokes, as they did in Michigan when he ignorantly…bur deliberately took pleasure in meanly reducing the 50 year life of unquestionable, patriotic duty by Congressman John Dingell to a cheap laugh. This is our President.

This is a man who is crazy like a fox as he proclaims over and over that his well understood blackmail/shakedown telephone call to the new leader of Ukraine was a “Perfect” telephone call, as if constant repetition of the word Perfect will magically remove the criminality in the call. This constant, maniacal crowing is an obvious metaphor for how he would like people to view him…As Perfect…evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Therefore, in his own mind our amazing president considers himself to be perfect. By his own estimation, he is the only person in the history of the world who has never had to apologize for anything. Why should he? He knows more about everything than anybody. Also, he never makes mistakes. His policy positions are perfect, domestic and foreign. His economic decisions are perfect. His health is perfect. And, of course, his weight is perfect…how else could he work 18 hours a day and still golf at PAR every day. This is our President.

That his mental processes are clearly misarranged is obvious. Deranged is another description. Mentally diminished, untethered , delusional are also good…except that none of these descriptions are good when describing the mental health of the holder of the most powerful office on earth.

He does not consider himself to be “above the law” That is a concept beyond his grasp. His first 50 years on earth of cheating was limited to “manipulating” business ventures. But now with GOP encouragement and complicity, he has been able to graduate to the realm of geopolitics. The ability to proceed unchecked in this higher sphere was as surprising to him as it was to citizens of good will who respect the rule of law…which he has now correctly concluded apparently does not exist.

If you thought that the last 3 years of daily transgressions, indecencies and obscenities were bad…as the saying goes. “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. That term will look like a walk in the park by comparison to what he will attempt next. He is a Perfect Asshole.

The question is: “Does our “common-sense exceptionalism” still prevail in our voting citizenry…or are we a nation of willfully mis-informed followers who prefer being led around in ignorance… as opposed to embracing the responsibility of clear thinking, truth seeking, democratic Self Determination? This question requires an immediate answer. There is no margin of error!

I can only hope that the Democrats nominate a person who can soundly defeat our nightmare President. I do not think our Republic can withstand him for another four years.



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